Plan Approved

At a full meeting of Oxford City Council on Thursday 20th July 2017 the Council resolved that the Headington Neighbourhood Plan be made. This is the final decision in this lengthy process. The Plan was described by members as “trail blazing” and they warmly congratulated everyone who had worked to bring this about.

Referendum May 4th 2017

At their meeting on March 9th 2017 the City Council Executive Board warmly endorsed the Headington Neighbourhood Plan and approved its progress to a referendum to be held on May 4th 2017 coinciding with the local elections.

Members complimented the Neighbourhood Plan Forum for its achievement in being the first in Oxford to produce a Plan.

Chair, Mike Ratcliffe and Vice Chair, Patrick Coulter were present and answered questions from members including the development of a successor body to the Forum.

See the the City Council documents relating to the plan area and plan here.

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Our Vision

Headington Neighbourhood Plan celebrates the diversity and identity of Headington.  Working with our partners and neighbours, we plan to balance the opportunities in Headington in order to provide a healthy, positive and vibrant environment for people to live, work and study in.

Our Objectives

The Plan has three overarching objectives which guide policy making throughout the process of developing the Plan. These are:

  1. Improving the quality of life for residents, workers and students.
  2. Establishing and promoting an identity which embraces the diverse nature of Headington.
  3. Fostering beneficial development.


The Plan’s Development

During its development the Draft Plan has gone through various iterations as a consequence of

  • the original “Issues & Options” consultation via information posted through every door in the HNF Area (2014),
  • the Forum’s consultation (2015),
  • the formal City Council Consultation (2016) and
  • the Examiner’s Report amendments. (2016/17). 

These iterations are available in the Archive.


What is the relationship between the Neighbourhood Plan and the City Council’s Local Plan?

Neighbourhood Plans are mainly concerned with planning policy and they must also be complementary to existing Local Plans. Plans may also include projects to improve particular aspects of a neighbourhood.

While Local Plans lay out a vision of future development for a whole area, the needs of individual districts within that area can vary. Neighbourhood Plans are optional documents that detail further development priorities for individual communities. They are community-led and can be written by town or parish councils, or where there is no town or parish council by a specially-created neighbourhood forum.

Taking part in the writing of a Neighbourhood Plan helps you have a say in the future use of land and buildings in your neighbourhood.

Oxford City Council’s current Local Plan and those aspects particular to Headington can be viewed on the Headington website.