AsĀ evidenceĀ of various kinds, such as statistics, reports, local or central government plans or policies, etc. is found or produced that is relevant toĀ the development of the Plan it will be presented here or on the various policy working group webpages.

Oxford Chart of the Month

Oxford City Council’s Social Research Officer produces a series of useful statistical charts, based on the Census and other publicly available data. Ā They are also available in the Archive area.

Health Reports for Headington’s Wards

Public Health England publishes health reports for various tiers of local government in England, etc. Five wards wholly or partially Ā cover the Headington Neighbourhood Forum area (only Headington Ward is completely within the area). Ā The reports for these wards, plus an overall report for all five wards and comparison reports for two other NFs in Oxford can be found in theĀ Archive area.

Each report consists of 17 pages, as follows:

Presentation map
Ethnicity and Language
Child Development, Education and Employment
Health and Care
Housing and Living Environment
Childrenā€™s Weight
Children’s health care activity
Adultsā€™ lifestyle
Emergency hospital admissions
Cancer incidence
Hospital admissions – harm and injury
Mortality and causes of death- all ages
Mortality and causes of death ā€“ premature mortality
Modelled prevalence of young people who smoke
Life expectancy