Consultation 2014 on Issues


Headington Neighbourhood Forum (“Forum” for short) has undertaken a wide-ranging consultation with the residents, workers and students in the Forum area. The information gained from this consultation and further activities will be used to develop planning policies specifically for Headington. The area covered by the Forum is defined by the Forum’s Area Map.

In September 2014, every household in the area received, through their letterbox, a consultation leaflet asking for your views. The leaflet set out some possible issues that the Forum’s Policy Groups think need looking into, but the Policy Groups wanted to know what the people of Headington thought was important. The leaflet could be posted back to the Forum, by Freepost. Workers and students were contacted in other ways and asked to use an online version – see below.

If you would like to print your own copy of the consultation leaflet click here to download the document and then print it, preferably double-sided.  If you can’t print double-sided than print the front and back as two pages and post them together, back-to-back.

Consultation – online version
Click here to go to the online version of the consultation.

Further Details of the Policy Groups suggested  “Issues”
If you would like more details of the 18 “issues” on the leaflet, then click here.

Consultation Results
The Project Manager’s Report which includes an analysis of the results of the Consultation are available via the links below or on the Archive page:
Consultation Report – Dec 2014
Consultation Report – Annex D
Consultation Report – Annex E
Consultation Report – Annex F

The Retail and Business Policy Working Group undertook a parallel consultation with business in Headington.  The report of that consultation can be found on the group’s web page.