Steering Committee

At the first Forum Meeting in 2013 it was agreed that an interim Steering Group be set up to undertake the initial tasks required, prior to the Forum formerly electing a Steering Committee at its AGM.  A Steering Committee was subsequently elected at the Forum’s first AGM (1st October 2014) and re-elected, with some changes, at subsequent AGMs.

In 2022 at the Forum’s AGM (23rd November 2022) a new Steering Committee was elected.

The Forum members elected to the Steering Committee are:

  • Mohammed Altaf-Khan (Headington Ward City Councillor)
  • Patrick Coulter (Chair)
  • Liz Grosvenor ( Secretary)
  • Fiona McKenzie ( Treasurer)
  • John Nealon
  • Mike Ratcliffe
  • Roz Smith (Quarry & Risinghurst Ward CityCouncillor)
  • Chris Smowton (Headington Ward City Councillor)
  • Peter West