Steering Committee

At the first Forum Meeting it was agreed that an interim Steering Group be set up to undertake the initial tasks required, prior to the Forum formerly electing a Steering Committee at its AGM.  A Steering Committee was subsequently elected at the Forum’s first AGM (1st October 2014) and re-elected, with some changes, at the second AGM (2nd October 2015).

The Forum members elected to the Steering Committee were::

  • Patrick Coulter (Vice Chair)
  • Liz Grosvenor ( Secretary)
  • Maha Jacob
  • Fiona McKenzie ( Treasurer)
  • John Nealon ( Press/Communications)
  • Mike Ratcliffe ( Chair)
  • Nicholas Rollin
  • Roz Smith (Headington & Quarry Ward County Councillor)
  • Ruth Wilkinson (Headington Ward City Councillor)
  • Ian Wilson