Streets Houses Leaflets Delivery
Bankside All 17 OK
Beaumont Alley All 6 OK
Beaumont Road All 23 OK
Bushnell Close All 5 OK
Chequers Place All 6 OK
Colemans Hill All 65 OK
Cooper Place All 12 OK
Coppock Close All 19 OK
Gladstone Court, Gladstone Road All 6 OK
Gladstone Road All 61 OK
Green Road Evens only (i.e. west of bypass) 19 OK
John Snow Place All 32 OK
London Road Gladstone Rd to Green Rd (South side) 20 OK
New Cross Road All 56 OK
New Cross Road, Guardian Court All 22 OK
Pitts Road All 47 OK
Quarry High Street All 44 OK
Quarry High Street, Hedges Close All 5 OK
Quarry Hollow All 25 OK
Quarry Road All 63 OK
Quarry School Place All 4 OK
Spooner Close All 6 OK
Spring Lane Linacre Court 21 OK
Spring Lane Shotover Mound 18 OK
Spring Lane Not Nos 1, 2 & 3 0 OK
Tilehouse Close All 17 OK
Toot Hill Butts All 21 OK
Trafford Road All except Douglas Veale House 30 OK
Trafford Road Douglas Veale House 49 OK
Trinity Road All 43 OK
William Kimber Crescent All 31 OK