Project Manager Appointed

Adam Symons of Symons Consulting has been appointed as project manager for the Neighbourhood Forum  to help the Steering Group and Forum develop the Headington Neighbourhood Plan. The position is being funded by Headington Action. Adam is an environment consultant with extensive experience of working in the public sector and local communities and has worked for industry, local authorities and as a freelance consultant on a range of public policy issues.  He has recently been teaching MSc Planning students at Oxford Brookes and is also working on marketing projects for Brookes.

Stansfeld OEC

Unfortunately the Stansfeld Outdoor Education Centre cannot be included in the Headington Neighbourhood Forum’s area. The Localism Act governs what is included or excluded within a proposed neighbourhood area boundary; any land within a Parish Council cannot be included in a Neighbourhood Forum area and Stansfeld OEC falls within the Risinghurst and Sandhills Parish Council.  This map shows the PC boundary.

Headington Hill Park

The first meeting of the Friends of Headington Hill Park was held this evening in the East Oxford Community Centre. The meeting was well-attended and a wide range of issues were discussed. More information from Marie Power.

Old Road Campus Development

The University of Oxford was granted Outline Planning Permission for its proposed development at the Old Road/Park Hospital campus in July last year. The University is now considering the first phase of development.  The specific buildings being proposed are the Big Data Institute – which will develop approaches for generating, storing and analysing large datasets in medical science for a better understanding of human disease and its treatment – and the Amenities Building, which would serve the whole campus. The University would like to share their plans at a public consultation event to be held on Friday 28 March between 4.00pm and 7.00pm and Saturday 29 March between 10.00am and 1.00pm, at the Old Road Campus Research Building (the Green Building) off Roosevelt Drive, Headington.

City Deal

“The Oxford and Oxfordshire City Deal aims to unleash a new wave of innovation-led growth by maximising the area’s world-class assets, such as the universities of Oxford and Oxford Brookes, and “big science” facilities such as those at the Harwell Oxford Campus and Innovation Campus. It acknowledges the region’s strong track record of delivering growth and seeks to support those existing, and new, businesses in achieving their full potential. The deal we have agreed with Government allows us to maintain and grow Oxford & Oxfordshire’s status as a prosperous economic area.”  See the full document describing the Deal here.

Joint Action

In July members from the Headington, Wolvercote, Summertown & St Margaret’s and Jericho Neighbourhood Forums met to discuss possible joint actions, such as liaison with the City Council.  The NFs are grateful to Richard Bradley of the Oxford Civic Society.who organised the meeting.
In Headington we are continuing the lengthy task of agreeing with the City Council a boundary for the Headingtion Neighbourhood and the outcome will be reported to the Forum and here as soon as we can.  The results will be considered formally at the Forum’s first AGM (date to be decided).