Draft Plan Consultation

The consultation is now completed.  Many thanks to all the many people who took part. The Steering Committee have analysed the feedback and held discussions with interested parties in order to amend the Draft Plan.  The results were brought to the Forum Annual General Meeting on October 2nd.

2nd October 2015 HNF Posterv2

The Headington Neighbourhood Forum’s Draft Plan  was published on Sunday 31 May 2015.  It can be viewed and discussed at the Headington Hub (125 London Road) on the next six Saturdays, 10 am to 4 pm (until July 11th).

The Character Assessments of Headington done in conjunction with the Draft Plan can be found here.

All aspects of the draft plan are up for discussion on on any of these days but there will be a focus on one particular area of the draft plan, as follows:
∗  6th June  Amenities & Green Spaces
∗ 13th June Character & Identity
∗ 20th June Housing
∗ 27th June Education
∗ 4th July    Business & Retail
∗ 11th July  Transport


Results of the Consultation

The Headington Neighbourhood Forum carried out a consultation with residents and other stakeholders in Headington over the summer of 2014. The consultation was designed to offer suggestions on the important issues affecting Headington and to ask for respondents’ views.

The consultation took the form of a leaflet, distributed to homes in Headington, and was also available on this website and as an online survey.

The Results of the Consultation are now available on the Consultation 2014 page of this website.

Policy Groups Update

  • The Forum’s six Policy Working Groups took part in a  workshop on Nov. 29th to consider the outcomes of the recent Consultation and to plan the next steps in developing the Neighbourhood Plan.
  • Oxford Brookes University students from the Department of Planning are again supporting the development of the Headington Neighbourhood Plan as part of their final year degree work.  Six groups of students are investigating different aspects of the plan in support of the Policy Working Groups for Amenities & Green Spaces, Character & Identity, Housing, Retail & Business, and Transport.

AGM and Consultation

The AGM (1st October 2014) elected a Steering Committee to continue the work of the interim Steering Group.  The presentation made at the AGM on traffic congestion, volume of traffic, commuting to work in Headington, etc. is available to view here.

The Forum’s consultation with residents, workers and students in Headington has now finished.  Results will be analysed and published in the next few weeks (Posted: 06/11/2014).

We want your views

Forum AGM 1st October 2014, Headington Baptist Church Hall, 7:30 pm.

The Headington Neighbourhood Forum is conducting a postal and online survey to find out your views on the important issues affecting Headington.  Go to the Consultation page to find out more.

Forum Designated (formally approved)

Oxford City Council’s City Executive Board formally designated (approved) Headington Neighbourhood Forum at its meeting on September 10th 2014.

The Forum is now ready to embark on a Consultation with residents, workers and students in Headington to find out what they think are the important issues in Headington.