What is the proposed boundary of the Headington Neighbourhood Plan Area and how was it determined?

The area (shown on maps here) comprises:

  • The whole of Headington Ward
  • That part of Quarry and Risinghurst Ward that lies outside the Risinghurst and Sandhills Parish boundary
  • That part of Churchill Ward that lies outside the Wood Farm regeneration area and excluding South Park which is considered to be a whole City resource (note that the flats at the end of Cheney Lane are included)
  • Polling district VA of the Barton and Sandhills Ward which falls within the ring road
  • Polling district XC of Headington Hill and Northway Ward that falls within the Headington Hill Conservation Area boundary
  • Small parts of Lye Valley Ward and Cowley Marsh Ward containing the Lye Valley SSSI so that the area boundary does not fall midstream of Boundary Brook

Ward boundaries can be viewed on this map.

There some anomalies in that some properties in Old Road (east of The Slade/Windmill Road) and in Spring Lane cannot be included in the proposed area because of illogical ward and parish council boundaries. It is envisaged that residents excluded because of this will still be consulted about any neighbourhood and community plans in the Headington neighbourhood area.

The boundaries of Headington have never been clearly defined and this process has stimulated local debate. The proposed Neighbourhood Area boundaries outlined in the map was informed by:

  • Forum meetings
  • Feedback from public consultation at the Headington Festival
  • Feedback from consultation on the Forum website
  • Feedback from Headington Action (community group representatives)
  • Feedback from Headington Forward (major employers)
  • Meetings of Forum members with planning officers at Oxford City Council
  • Informal discussion with a representative of Risinghurst and Sandhills Parish Council
  • Informal discussion with ward and county councillors

It is expected that the substantial extent of the Headington Neighbourhood Plan Area will encourage and enable the considerable number of existing groups to work together.  These groups include:

  • Conservation Area Groups, e.g. Friends of Old Headington, Friends of Quarry
  • SSSI user groups e.g. Lye Valley, Rock Edge
  • Friends of Parks groups e.g. Bury Knowle Park, Headington Hill Park
  • Residents’ Associations, e.g. New Headington Residents Group, Highfield Residents’ Association, Jack Straws Lane Association
  • Community single interest groups, e.g. Headington Transport Group, Headington Cyclists’ Group, HRA Traffic Group