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Forum Agenda/Minutes
Steering Committee (SC) Agenda/Minutes
Steering Group Agenda/Minutes (replaced by SC)
Consultation 2014
Character Assessments
Charts of the Month
Health Reports by Ward

Forum Agenda/Minutes

Forum AGM Minutes 23-Nov-2022
Forum AGM Agenda 23-Nov-2022
Forum AGM Minutes 10-Mar-2018
Forum AGM Agenda 10-Mar-2018
Forum Minutes 08-Feb-2017
Forum Agenda 08-Feb-2017
AGM Minutes 26-Oct-2016
AGM Agenda 26-Oct-2016
AGM Minutes 02-Oct-2015
Minutes 27-Apr-2015
Agenda 27-Apr-2015
Minutes 10-Feb-2015
Agenda 10-Feb-2015
AGM Minutes 01-Oct-2014
AGM Agenda 01-Oct-2014
Chair’s AGM Report 01-Oct-2014
Minutes 09-Jul-2014
Agenda 09-Jul-2014
Minutes 29-Apr-2014
Agenda 29-Apr-2014
Minutes 17-Oct-2013
Agenda 17-Oct-2013
Minutes 21-May-2013
Agenda 21-May-2013
Headington Action Report 19-Mar-2013
Headington Action Report 26-Feb-2013

Steering Committee Agenda/Minutes

Agenda 17-Jan-2023
Minutes 03-Feb-2018
Agenda 03-Feb-2018
Minutes 07-Jun-2017
Agenda 07-Jun-2017
Minutes 22-Mar-2017
Agenda 22-Mar-2017
Minutes 18-Jan-2017
Agenda 18-Jan-2017
Minutes 06-Sep-2016
Agenda 06-Sep-2016
Minutes 31-May-2016
Agenda 31-May-2016
Minutes 13-Apr-2016
Agenda 13-Apr-2016
Minutes 08-Mar-2016
Agenda 08-Mar-2016
Minutes 18-Jan-2016
Agenda 18-Jan-2016
Minutes 11-Nov-2015
Agenda 11-Nov-2015
Minutes 29-Sep-2015
Minutes 27-Jul-2015
Minutes 17-Jun-2015
Agenda 17-Jun-2015
Minutes 20-May-2015
Agenda 20-May-2015
Minutes 21-Apr-2015
Agenda 21-Apr-2015
Minutes 13-Mar-2015
Agenda 13-Mar-2015
Minutes 26-Feb-2015
Agenda 26-Feb-2015
Minutes 13-Jan-2015
Minutes 09-Dec-2014
Agenda 09-Dec-2014
Minutes 14-Oct-2014
Agenda 14-Oct-2014
Minutes 11-Nov-2014
Agenda 11-Nov-2014

Steering Group Agenda/Minutes

Minutes 09-Sep-2014
 Agenda 09-Sep-2014
Minutes 14-Aug-2014
 Agenda 14-Aug-2014
Minutes 02-Jul-2014
 Agenda 02-Jul-2014
Minutes 11-Jun-2014
Agenda 11-Jun-2014
Minutes 14-May-2014
Agenda 14-May-2014
Minutes 08-Apr-2014
Agenda 08-Apr-2014
Minutes 26-Feb-2014
Agenda 26-Feb-2014
Minutes 11-Dec-2013
Agenda 11-Dec-2013
Minutes 9-October-2013
Agenda 09-Oct-2013
Minutes 7-August-2013
Agenda 7-Aug-2013
Minutes 18-June-2013
Agenda 18-Jun-2013
Minutes 7-May-2013
Agenda 7-May-2013
Minutes 24-Apr-2013
Minutes 3-Apr-2013

Consultation 2014

Consultation Report – Dec 2014
Consultation Report – Annex D
Consultation Report – Annex E
Consultation Report – Annex F
Retail & Business Consultation Report
Draft Plan Consultation Responses Report
Community Engagement Strategy


Map 23-Apr-2014 (pdf)
Map 23-Apr-2014(jpg)
Aerial Map 23-Apr-2014(jpg)
Oxford City Ward Boundaries October-2010 (pdf)

Oxford City Ward Boundaries October-2010 (Google Map)


Draft Plan 31-May-2015
For HNF-run Public Consultation
Draft Plan 18-Apr-2016
Submitted to Oxford City Council for Council-run Public Consultation
Plan Post Examiner’s Report Feb 2017
Result of Examiner’s Report amendments
Plan Post Examiner’s Report TC Feb 2017
Result of Examiner’s Report amendments with Tracked Changes
Referendum Draft Plan
For City Council Run Referendum 4 May 2017
Made (i.e. Final Approved) Plan
Final Plan


Draft Constitution 13-May-2013
Report of Meeting with ORCC 04-Jun-13
Draft Constitution 9-Oct-2013
Application for Designation 14-Feb-2014
Project Manager Advert 21-Feb-2014
Project Manager Contract (Draft) 21-Feb-2014
City Deal Document
City Deal Presentation
Forum Presentation 10-Feb-2015

Charts of the Month

Changing Patterns of Housing-May 2014
Energy Consumption-May 2014
Ward Diversity-June 2014
Commuting-July 2014
Commuting-Sept 2014
Where People Work-Sept 2014
Commuting-Nov 2014
House Prices by Area-Dec 2014
Child Poverty-Feb 2015
Occupations-Mar 2015
Deprivation Indicators-May 2015
Urban Growth-Jun 2015
Health In Oxford-Jul 2015
Housing Market-Sep 2015
IMD Map for Oxford-Oct 2015
Impact of Tourism-Dec 2015
IMD Rankings-Jan 2016
JSA Claimants and NEET statistics – Feb 2016
Oxford & other city rankings – Mar 2016
HESA student numbers – Apr 2016
Ethnicity and general health – May 2016
Life expectancy gaps – Jun 2016
Carbon Emissions – Sep 2016
Recycling – Sep 2016
IMD Index of Multiple Deprivation
JSA Job Seekers’ Allowance
NEET 16-24 Not in Education, Employment or Training
HESA Higher Education Statistics Agency

Health Reports by Ward

HNF Wards (wholly or partialy)
Headington Ward
Headington Hill & Northway Ward
Churchill Ward
Quarry & Risinghurst Ward
Barton & Sandhills Ward
For comparison – other NFs in Oxford
Summertown & St Margaret’s Wards
Wolvercote Ward